Best Corded Drill under $100 You Should Consider!

Best Corded Drill under $100

A corded drill is one of the essential power equipment for any DIYer and carpenter. It is helpful to drill holes, drive nails, remove screws, and sand or buff hard materials. They are famous for being more powerful, quick, durable, affordable, and lightweight than their portable cordless rivals.

The best corded drills are capable of helping you with a variety of tasks with ease and are long-lasting enough to deserve a space in your toolkit. Ensure they include all the characteristics vital to you while looking for the best tools.

The best corded drills should be considered an essential tool for every home tasks job you want to do. 

In this article, I will look at the top 9 best corded drills under $100 that are available. Here they are:

  1. BLACK+DECKER DR260C drill
  2. DEWALT Corded 8.0-Amp Drill
  3. Milwaukee 0240-20 Drill
  4. Metabo HPT 7-Amp Drill
  5. CRAFTSMAN Corded Electric Drill
  6. Ryobi D43K Corded Power Drill
  7. Genesis GD38B Corded Electric Drill
  8. SKIL 6335-02 1/2 Inch Corded Drill
  9. Makita 6407 Corded Drill

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Number 1


With variable speed controls, a 3/8-inch chuck size, onboard bit storage, and a small weight of about 3.5 pounds, this corded drill perform in every way. It is a good option for anyone who wants quick and simple access to various drill bits.

BLACK+DECKER DR260C drill is an excellent electric drill for various jobs since it provides superior performance without being too pricey. This corded drill’s 5.5-amp motor has enough power to handle multiple tasks, and the variable speed feature provides another level of flexibility.

With the double-ended screw-driving bit that arrives with this tool, you can ensure that your drilling turns out incredibly fresh, creative, and professional. This corded drill also has a 42-piece bit set with standard sizes and geometries, making it a helpful tool for applications that require regular use.



Number 2


This Dewalt corded drill is a reliable option for simple home or garage jobs that require accurate drilling, including putting together Ikea cabinets, installing a TV bracket, or pinning together numerous pieces of thin plywood for a craft project.

The DWD115K corded drill from Dewalt provides excellent performance and is very dependable. This corded drill has an 8 amp motor covered by a hefty 3-year warranty. Also, because it is a Dewalt product, you can count on its excellent build quality.

Thanks to the non-slip rubber surface and mid-handle grip design, it has an excellent grip, which keeps the motor closer to its center for improved balance and weight distribution. Also, a ⅜-inch keyless chuck made entirely of metal can handle light and heavy bits, such as spade bits and hole saws.



Number 3


With an 8.0 Amp motor, this drill has a lot of power. This tool works incredibly well for drilling holes into any surface. This drill can drill roughly 1 inch deep into any material, including steel, plastic, and wood. Its motor turns up to 2,800 RPM, 157% faster than the usual motor.

It has a two-finger trigger that adds comfort and a very ergonomic handle that is perfect for any heavy-duty work. It is surprisingly capable of lasting a little longer, given its light. This drilling device has an all-metal casing, making it durable and sturdy enough to withstand being dropped onto a concrete floor.

The motor of this excellent tool does not include an overload protection mechanism, though. Additionally, there is no casing included. Compared to the latter, this device is a bit more expensive.



Number 4


This inexpensive corded drill delivers reliable performance with a 7 amp motor, an all-metal 3/8-inch keyless chuck for quick drill bit swaps, and an adjustable speed trigger. It is a great entry-level drill for anyone wishing to take on simple crafts, furniture construction, or home improvement projects.

It has a high rotational speed for its cost, at 2700 RPM. The variable speed trigger and dial on this corded drill make it ideal for precise drilling. This drill’s forward and reverse direction functions help when you need to release a stuck bit without causing any damage to the drill’s motor.

The 5-year guarantee with this corded drill is better than typical for its category. Its belt hook and reliable bit holding capacity with a ⅜ inch chuck earn it extra points. 

These characteristics are far more adaptable than ¼ and ½ inch chucks, allowing different-sized bits to be fitted for finer and heavier applications.



Number 5


Everything from small hand tools to sizeable outdoor equipment, numerous power tools are in stock under the Craftsman brand. The company carries everything you require to make DIY and handyman chores simpler.

This corded drill has a strong 7 amp motor with a maximum speed of 2,500 RPM, making it the perfect tool for any of your home repairs. Additionally, it has a variable speed trigger that gives you even more control over the speed. A lock-on mechanism on the drill also disables it when not in use.

It includes a keyless chuck with a 3/8-inch shaft diameter, making it simple to tighten or loosen several tools and fast switch out bits. But if you want to drill big holes in a hard surface, you’ll need a keyed chuck. Otherwise, you can’t use this drill for that.

With dimensions of 10.3 x 2.15 x 9.75 inches and a weight of 4.13 pounds, this user-friendly equipment is easy to manage. The device comes with a 3-year limited guarantee from the date it was bought from the brand.



Number 6


You won’t be disappointed with Ryobi for DIY projects around the house or as an immediate substitute for your more durable tools in the professional workplace. The D43K is one of the best tools for the job regarding boring holes and driving fasteners close to an outlet in your workshop.

The variable speed trigger has an effect on this speed. With this feature, you can easily move from boring holes to driving light fasteners since you can control the drill’s power at your fingertips.

This power drill’s speed can be adjusted using the variable speed trigger. Its grip has a rubber molding that ensures a secure hold even when wearing slippers. It has a 3/8″ chuck that allows faster bit changes than standard.



Number 7


The Genesis GD38B corded drill is an excellent alternative for use at home because it is portable, simple to operate, and reasonably priced. The 4.2-amp motor is more than sufficient for most home projects, and the 3/8-inch keyless chuck makes changing bits quick and straightforward.

The lock-on button and rubberized handle make this tool more pleasant, especially for prolonged durations. This 3/8-inch drill features a robust 4.0-amp motor, making it suitable for any task.

It is made with an accessible forward/reverse lever for one-handed use and a comfortable, ergonomic rubber mold-over grip. It is employed for many purposes, including drilling holes, driving screws, separating or joining various materials with fasteners, and others.



Number 8


There are many options available from the widely respected power tool company Skil. Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity if you’re seeking corded drills for commercial or home use. The 7 amp motor in this Skil 6335-02 corded drill gives exceptional performance.

This drill comes with a ½ inch keyed chuck, which is significantly safer than non-keyed chucks. Additionally, it has a 950 RPM maximum rotational speed. Unfortunately, this corded drill only comes with a 1-year warranty, which could be problematic for some customers.

Fortunately, this corded drill has a decent build quality considering its cost. This drill also includes a side handle for controlled and accurate operation. Additionally, its variable speed trigger is quite helpful for drilling into various objects and surfaces.



Number 9


For anyone familiar with the power and efficiency of Makita corded drills, the 6407 is a solid choice. Makita products are renowned for their dependability as a reputable and trusted power tool manufacturer, and this drill is no exception.

It maintains a delicate mix between heavy-duty and lightweight, and the huge trigger switch makes operating the tool more comfortable. The stronger and more resilient chuck with the Makita corded drill makes drilling into tough materials easier.

The body is built of strong, durable plastic that is durable and protects the inside components. The in-line handle allows for working versatility and accuracy. The brand-named stylish teal blue-green color of Makita is used throughout the entire drill design.



What to Look for While Purchasing the Best Corded Drill under $100?

I’ve described all you need to know in this buyer’s guide to help you select the best option. Although your decision should be dependent on your intended use for the power tool, you should never pick a corded drill that is heavy or bulky, has unnecessary features, is built of cheap materials, or has enough torque.


The power of the corded model is one of the primary factors that most users favor over the cordless one. Typically, corded drills are powered by connecting directly into an 110V electrical source at a work site or home. As a result, you are able to work continually till the task is complete.

A drill’s motor output is measured in amps. A hole can be correctly drilled faster due to the drill’s increased power at greater amps. A high amp motor is also more powerful and produces more torque. When drilling into heavy materials, this is quite helpful.

If you frequently drill into steel or masonry, search for a corded drill with an 8 to 10 amp motor. If you frequently drill into lighter materials like wood, go for a drill with a 5-amp motor. Remember that less torque will provide more control and accuracy in its functioning.

Chuck Size

The drill’s chuck has a clamp at the front used to secure the bit. You can determine the supported bit size of a particular corded drill by looking at its chuck size. Because the drill can hold a robust drill bit, bigger chuck sizes often produce greater drilling performance than smaller ones.

After selecting the ideal chuck size, one must determine if the chuck contains a key or not. While adjusting the drill bit on these keyed chunks, a specific tool is needed to loosen or tighten the chuck. However, keyless chucks enable you to rotate them by tightening or loosening the chuck with your hands.

While doing the task, a keyed chuck will hold the bit in place, but if you regularly change drill bits, a keyless chuck is preferable. Choosing a drill with a keyed or keyless chuck, however, is completely a matter of choice. But the most people choose using a key tool to tighten the chuck.


Corded drills are often lighter in weight than their cordless rivals. The reason for this is that they have no batteries. Most corded drills weigh between 4 and 5 pounds, with higher-end drills weighing around 6 pounds.

So, it is important to examine if you can bear the weight comfortably or not while operating the power drill for a longer period of time.

Rotary Speed

Rotation speed is measured in full revolutions per minute (RPM) for drill bits. The range of rotational speeds for corded drills is 200–2000 rpm. For DIY projects around the house, a drill with 500–1000 rpm will be perfect.

Never think that a faster drill will be more effective at finishing the job. Since how well a drill penetrates into hard materials is dependent on the amount of torque rather than speed.

Most drills in the lower price range have a single maximum speed, but drills in the higher price range include variable speed settings that let you choose between two or more speeds.

Drilling into tougher materials generally requires slower speeds, while drilling into softer materials typically requires higher speeds. Lower/slower speeds are helpful for starting the hole because they provide more control and precision, which leads to a clean hole.

Reverse Function

This reversing feature is included with almost all corded drill models. It made it simpler to remove the drill bit from the hole while in reverse. This function is typically found on the handle or on top of corded drills, and it takes the form of a button.

Therefore, considering a corded drill with this useful feature is quite important because it will increase the drill’s usability. You can take out the tightly inserted screws using the reverse function.


A corded drill is much less mobile and portable than a cordless drill due to its short cord length. An extension cable can help to expand the reach of a drill if the electrical outlet is too distant from the worksite.

Make sure to avoid using a conventional indoor extension cord for this drilling task as they are sufficiently strong or long-lasting to handle this power tool.

Hammer Function

With additional power, a corded drill with this capability makes it simple to drill through tough materials. The drill’s torque is often improved by the presence of the hammer.

Hammer drills make it simple to drill through tough materials like masonry, concrete, steel, and metals because they have more torque. They also enable you to insert longer screws.


Before purchasing a power tool, it is crucial to check that it is trustworthy and lasting. The reason is that a dependable power tool will enable extended use without meeting any problems. Therefore, keep a lookout for corded drills that are built with sturdy plastic and high-quality metal casings.

Additionally, confirm the duration of the limited warranty for the product. A 3-year warranty is available on some models, and some even have a 5-year warranty. As you might guess, a corded drill with a 5-year warranty is preferable to one with a 2- or 3-year warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do the most of corded drill models lack clutches?

Corded drills are typically used to create holes rather than to insert screws. So, this explains why most corded drills lack a clutch. Still most of the cordless drills do have a clutch.

Every time the necessary torque is reached, the clutch in this case unlocks the gears. It enabled screw insertion and removal without breaking the screws. Therefore, a clutch is present on a few corded drill types to disengage the gears when the drill bit becomes stuck.

Will a corded drill work as a screwdriver?

It is possible to utilize a corded drill as an electric screwdriver. You must select a screwdriver bit that matches the size and design of the rotating screws. It is essential to keep the torque and speed on the lowest settings when using a drill as a screwdriver to avoid stripping the screws.

What does a chuck means?

Whether you choose a lightweight or powerful drill, you’ll discover that they all function with various kinds of bits. A chuck is a part that fixes the drill bits in place. Chucks are circular metal clamps. Chuck sizes range from 3/8 inch chucks to 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch chucks, depending on the drill.

Our Final Thoughts

One of the most important power tools available is the corded drill because of its versatility in many tasks. There are several corded drill alternatives available, whether you need one for industrial usage or domestic projects.

Because there are so many of these tools available, it might be difficult to narrow down your options, which is why I’ve put up this list for you. Without the necessary knowledge for each drill, you are at risk of selecting something you’ll later regret.

However, i hope that after studying my reviews you can choose the best drill for your house. Do not forget to leave your comments with your ideas.

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