How Much To Drill A Bowling Ball – The Ultimate Bowling Ball Drill Guide

How Much to Drill a Bowling Ball

Bowling ball drilling uses a drill to create fresh finger holes in a bowling ball.

If you are a professional bowler or a casual fan of the sport, you are undoubtedly already aware that the bowling ball holes can significantly affect how well you play.

When you acquire a new ball, it usually is solid and does not come pre-drilled with holes. As a result, it must be drilled to the exact size of your fingers.

Because this customization is typically performed in a pro shop or sporting goods store, it may incur an additional charge, depending on the company’s policy.

There are multiple custom drilling services available, and this article will detail the various pricing options and assist you in determining which sort of drilling is right for you.

What is Bowling Ball Drilling?

Services for drilling bowling balls Make finger holes in the balls you’ll use to play.

If you’re a recreational bowler who rents balls from the alleys you visit, the balls will, of course, already have holes drilled in them. All you have to do is select a hole size from the standard options; they are typically designated Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

This, however, can be constraining, as someone’s hand may be too large for the Medium, but their fingers are unable to flex comfortably enough to grip the Large adequately. Yes, merely selecting the pre-drilled option might have a detrimental effect on your game.

To avoid any uncertainty, it’s a good idea to drill your bowling ball. They truly do fit like a glove.

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How Much Does Drilling a Bowling Ball Cost?

The finger holes on a bowling ball should be pre-drilled or customizable when you buy one. There are no additional expenses for drilling if you opt for the pre-drilled option because it comes standard without any customized drilling and is already included in your total.

The cost of drilling a bowling ball has long been a mystery to many.

Drilling services at your local pro shop often fall into two categories:

  • Services for basic drilling
  • Services for custom drilling

Basic drilling is intended for bowlers who already own a ball and use it for leisure purposes.

For individuals who are more than casual or recreational gamers, custom drilling services are recommended.

Those who are advanced and professional are what we’re talking about.

Cost of Basic Drilling

Basic drilling can cost between $30 and $50 and provides a typical pattern of the holes based on an average span and hole size.

Because you are drilling based on typical measurements, the fit may not be ideal with basic drilling.

You may need to alter the hole size slightly to ensure a better fit.

Cost of Custom Drilling

Custom drilling might cost between $50 and $70.

Generally, this price includes the installation of finger inserts, thumb slugs, and switch grips.

Beginner Drill Cost

It’s possible that you won’t see the benefit of drilling your bowling ball as a novice, especially if you buy a plastic ball (entry-level balls).

Your ball can cost more to drill than you expected!!

Most firms will not charge you additional costs if you purchase your ball with the pre-drilled option.

However, if you want a smoother ride and more traction, you might consider spending a little more money.

As a comparison, a plastic bowling ball costs $50-$70, while drilling costs the same or somewhat more.

Advance Player Drill Cost

Advanced and professional players will want their bowling balls to drill specific holes.

This is because elite bowlers want a precise fit to enhance and maximize their ball control.

For them, the question is how much it costs to drill a bowling ball.

The quality of the ball affects the price you spend.

On the low end of the scale, some companies offer drilling services for as little as $20, while others charge up to $70.

Additional the Charges

A few additional charges or prices may affect the cost of drilling bowling balls.

Numerous organizations are averse to accepting responsibility for a shattered bowling ball if the drilling does not go according to plan.

As a result, some companies charge a small fee of $5 or $10 to cover the cost of the ball in the event it is destroyed during the drilling procedure. Consider it as insurance.

Additionally, you can add features to your ball that will increase its drilling expenses, such as finger inserts or thumb slugs.

Certain firms incorporate these elements in the pricing of their bowling ball drilling.

What Are the Advantages of Drilling My Own Ball?

What Are the Advantages of Drilling My Own Ball?


In contrast to purchasing a generic bowling ball, having a custom-drilled bowling ball fitted to your hand has many advantages.

New bowling balls and custom drilling services help you improve your game by providing more precision. The price of a new bowling ball should always include drilling services.

Own the Game

Taking control of your game is possible with a specific new ball fit.

To play an ordinary game, you can go to the lane and pick up a blue or yellow ball that thousands of players have used. When you start with a blank ball, you can choose from a wide variety of designs, from stripes to skulls to glow-in-the-dark motifs!

Amateur bowlers may think this is overkill, but if you reach the level of advanced bowlers, you’ll wish you had your gear. Taking care of it and showing it off to others is an option – as you grow more experienced with the technique, you may even decide on attempting to drill your new ball!

Just like you’d prefer to own an embroidered shirt or your pair of shoes over renting, you’ll get more enjoyment out of drilling and personalizing your ball.


Get a ball that is specifically tailored to fit your hand. In addition to being superior to the balls offered in the lane, having a bespoke drill means it will take minor damage when thrown wrongly as your skill develops.

According to this rule of thumb, most bowling balls can last 200-300 games or more with adequate maintenance. It costs less than a dollar every game for drilling your ball, which many consider a good value for the money.

You may be able to save even more money in the long run if you use a bespoke ball to minimize mishaps and injuries. Moreover, if you consider how many games are accessible at the alley, it makes sense to get your own.

How Can Save Money

When determining how much it costs to drill a bowling ball, the most excellent way to save money is to look around for the best deal.

If the firm from which you purchased the bowling ball offers drilling services, they may charge you separately or perhaps include the drilling in their price.

This can be an exciting proposition if drilling is included in their price because the process will ultimately be free.

Vendors charge as little as $20 for the service and as much as $70 for it, with numerous prices in between.

If you have a valuable ball that you do not want to break or crack, you are better off dealing with an experienced company less concerned with the drilling cost.

If you are a newbie who wishes to have custom holes drilled, you may be perfectly content with keeping costs low and paying a lower rate (so shop around!).

Warp Up

Having your bowling balls drilled has enormous advantages, both in terms of performance and game personalization.

Even if you’re a newbie, custom drilling is worth investigating. A few adjustments will improve your skills and boost your game as significantly as custom ball drills.

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