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Best Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

For machining jobs, a high-quality cross slide vise is a sure bet. It allows machine operators to change the angle of workpieces without re-clamp them. A sturdy vise can make machining tasks a pleasure.

When it comes to selecting the best cross slide drill press vise, there are several alternatives to consider, including design, usefulness, and longevity. But, how can you tell which one is the most suitable for your requirements?

Consequently, we made the initiative to provide you with the highest quality product possible by analyzing expert evaluations, customer reviews, and hands-on analysis. We will go through one of our top 10 best cross slide drill press vises in considerable detail right now.

If you read the entire article, you will receive an expert buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your options. See which one works best for you. 

Here are they:

  1. 3 Inch Cross Slide Drill Press Vise
  2. Wilton CS4 4” Cross-Slide Drill Press Vise
  3. Shop Fox 4-inch Cross-Sliding Vise
  4. HFS (Tm) 5” Cross Slide Vise
  5. WEN 6-1/8” Compound Cross Slide Vise
  6. TEXALAN 5” Cross Slide Drill Press Vise
  7. Goplus 4” Cross Slide Drill Press Vise
  8. Morphorn 6” Drill Press Vise
  9. Liusin 6” Drill Press Cross Slide Vise
  10. Hardware Factory Store 4” Drill Press Vise

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

Number 1


AMYAMY’s Cross Sliding Drill Press Vise is a must-have for every home mechanic’s workshop or garage. Using a drill press and this bit, you’ll be able to get exact results. 0.1 mm increments on the hand wheels ensure that your work is always accurate.

As a bonus, the 2-way X-Y compound vise makes it simple to get the right angles. The X-direction cross slide adjustment is 80mm, while the Y-direction cross slide adjustment is 67mm, providing tremendous flexibility and accuracy while working on a project.

In addition to the two swivel crank handles, it incorporates bolt-down holes for attaching it to the ground. You can measure the thickness of your workpieces using the hand wheel’s adjustable scale.

To handle various tasks, this vise’s transverse travel is 3.12 inches, while the longitudinal travel measures 2.61 inches. In addition, the maximum jaw opening of 2.73 inches enables a wide range of materials to be kept in place.



Number 2


When it comes to industrial safety and protection, this Wilton CS4 4″ Cross Slide Vise has jaws that are 4 inches wide and a jaw opening capacity of 4 inches.

With cast side knobs, we could carefully dial in the holding measures of tiny 0.1 mm increments meant for dependable and consistent precision drilling with this tool’s ability to precisely place material longitudinally and horizontally.

It has V-grooved jaws that can safeguard our round-shaped items vertically and horizontally to minimize unwanted drilling failures. The fine-grain cast iron castings used in this type make it durable enough to be used for many years.

In addition, the tool’s 5 bolt lugs on the robust base that facilitates simple positioning on the working surface and the black oxide-coated screw that offers consistent and stable gripping pressure each turn were awe-inspiring.



Number 3


If you’re looking for a cross slide vise with a wide range of adjustments, consider the Shop Fox D4082 4′′ cross sliding vise. Thanks to a handy sliding bar, it helps prevent jaws from shifting sideways. You can’t move the vise up or down while it’s tightened. This allows for maximal gripping during the operation.

In addition, the fantastic tool provides a stress-free operation that is backed by solid technology. Durability and performance are ensured by the use of powder-coated cast iron. It can take on some of your workshop’s heaviest and simplest milling operations.

Handwheels with machine-marked increments are a standard component of the best cross slide vises. We found it to be good so far when drilling 1/2-inch thick steel.

 High-precision technology makes it possible to retain circular objects in any direction, horizontal or vertical. With the lightweight vise, you’ll always be able to work at your own pace. So it’s no surprise that this multi-purpose, highly adjustable vise comes in at a fair price.



Number 4


For heavy-duty work, I recommend the HFS 5′′ Cross Slide Vise Drill Press from HFS. This is the perfect cross-slide vise for all your milling requirements. Premium swiveling technology makes it simple to use. It has a slew of top-notch features to make your job easier.

The working surface is protected by a set of gowned jaws. As a bonus, the 5-inch breadth of the jaws helps to keep the workpiece in position. The machine is built to last because of its high-quality components. Adjustable gibs make it easy to transport the cross slide vise when you’re out and anywhere.

As we discovered when utilizing, a few milling machines may be simply converted from the drill press. Their dependable moving slider makes drilling wood and metal items more accessible by their reliable moving slider.

THANKS TO HIGH PRECISION TECHNOLOGY. The X and Y axes may be easily moved. This is a fantastic option if you’re a novice or an experienced worker. Despite its high price, the model can meet the demands of all users.



Number 5


Most precision operations, notably incremental drilling, benefit significantly from the WEN 416CV 6-1/8-inch compound cross slide. Its powder-coated cast iron construction makes it perfect for heavy-duty tasks.

It has a compact, well-built design that makes it easy to change the equipment. It is incredibly light in weight, allowing it to move quickly and efficiently when in use. It’s built to last thanks to the high-quality materials used in its construction. The machine will last, and it won’t let you down.

You can quickly adjust the highly flexible tool using a benchtop drill press. Specifically, it is cost-effective and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

A wide range of features and an exceptional machining technique are included in the package. More accurate two-hand wheels make it possible to adjust workpieces both vertically and horizontally to a greater level of precision.

Because of the machine’s universal mounting brackets, it may be used with almost any drill press. The handles may be taken off with ease. As a result, mounting them in narrow spaces is a breeze. 



Number 6


One of the most adaptable alternatives for turning your drill press into a milling tool is the Texalantexan compound cross slide vise. The tool can quickly drill wood and metal items because of its high-end precision and quality.

We appreciated how the machine kept our workpiece from tipping to the side. It also has a top-notch design and high-end features to make your job easier.

This fantastic tool has a high level of interoperability, making it a must-have for various applications. It is carved with a double cast-iron structure to ensure durability and long-term performance. The most excellent cast iron structure ensures a firm holds on the workpiece, making your job much easier.

You’ll be relieved to learn that you can connect the machine to a lathe or other instruments to precisely keep the workpiece in position. Workpieces can be controlled by tilting with the most powerful serrated steel jaws. Furthermore, the vise’s lightweight form makes it simple to operate.

The machine includes two swivel crank handles that may be removed. As a result, the vise may be easily adjusted from right to left and front to rear. Bolt-down slots are provided for fastening the adjustment. Overall, if you need a vise for woodworking or metalworking, I’d suggest this machine.



Number 7


A sturdy tool, the Goplus 4″ Cross Slide Vise features a cast steel body, and cold rolled steel screws. Two-way heavy-duty X-Y compound vise constructed for various materials with fine-adjustment shims is consistent with most drill presses. 

Precision spots can be achieved by accurately positioning the workpiece in vertical and lateral directions. This cross slide vise comes with removable handles that make it easy to take on and off.

Like our WEN benchtop drill press, a benchtop drill press is perfect for milling out 80 percent lowers. As we approach the maximum extension in both directions, the upper axis functions around 1/32 – 1/16 of the lower axis.



Number 8


For heavy-duty work, the Mophorn drill press 6-inch cross slide vise is one of the greatest. A high-strength cast iron structure makes the body, base, saddle, and jaws extraordinarily sturdy and long-lasting. The machine has dual-direction architecture, allowing for the exact placement of workpieces.

In order to keep the item in place while it is being machined, the jaws’ height and width provide extra clamping force. Handwheels have a minimum increment of 0.1 mm for outstanding accuracy.

Two swivel crank handles may be removed and replaced for quick and simple adjustments. Consequently, you may adjust the machine from left to right and front to rear. It’s also composed of ductile cast iron, making it resistant to corrosion and wear and tear.

During our testing, we discovered a soft yet precise working experience. The most excellent part about this cross slide vise is that it comes with two free screw rods. They make it easy to replace and extend the life of your vise.

Several mounting holes on the bottom make it ideal for precision drilling and other fine-tuning tasks. This is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest cross slide drill press vises on the market right now.



Number 9


The most famous brand, Liusin, introduces this top 6-inch cross slide drill press compound vise to the market. It’s one of the heavy-duty quick slide drilling machines on the market.

The most durable structure can resist high levels of roughness. Furthermore, it ensures excellent surface treatment with minimal disruption.

The super-adjustable tool has a double-direction construction that allows you to move the workpiece both horizontally and longitudinally. As a result, you’ll be able to finish your task swiftly and effortlessly.

Several mounting holes are located on the machine’s bottom, which helps secure the workpiece in a suitable location.

Because of the vise’s stronger and widened jaws, you can adjust the workpieces stably and process them efficiently during operation. Serrated steel jaws with the highest wear resistance give excellent stability and dependability.

 The vise allows for precise horizontal and vertical movement of workpieces thanks to a high-precision machining technique.

These top machinists cross slide drill press vise machines are portable and convenient, weighing only 33 pounds. As a result, it allows for effortless movement and motion direction. You’ll be able to operate with the vise more easily. It ensures your safety while being simple to use.

Furthermore, the clamping jaws provide excellent gripping during milling. Easy movement from right to left and front to rear is made possible by highly adjustable handles. With its exceptional machining capabilities, this has become one of our top selections.



Number 10


While the HFS 4″ 2 Way Cross Slide Vise is not a high-end or pricey machine, it is an excellent purchase for beginners, hobbyists, or enthusiasts.

With this cross slide vise, we can quickly turn our drill press into a milling machine, and its accurate sliding slider can readily process wood and metal components with high quality and accuracy.

It was brutal out of the box, but it performed admirably for the price with a bit of sanding, polishing, cleaning, and oiling. We had no issues with the jaws opening and closing, and the X and Y movement was flawless.

We were also able to drill and tap 14 -11 holes in 316 plumbing fittings with ease and confidence since the flat surface on which the slides traveled was level and pretty smooth. This cross slide vise is a valuable piece of hardware that is a fantastic price and will meet the machining needs of practically everyone.



What to Look for While Choosing The Best Cross Slide Drill Press Vise?

It is possible to save money by investing in a high-quality cross sliding vise. Here, we’ve included a comprehensive buying guide for cross slide vises, highlighting the most critical considerations to keep in mind when purchasing one.


The mobility of the machine is one of the most important aspects to consider. A cross slide vise with a light weight is something you should invest in. The lightweight design will make transporting and storing it a breeze.

If the machine is too big or too little, it won’t work. Cross sliding vises that are the exact size you need to operate with them effortlessly are something I recommend buying. You should get two different sizes to ensure that you can use it in a variety of ways.


Before deciding on a cross slide vise, it is necessary to think about what you want to use it for. A good vise may be used in many different ways. Drilling, reaming, tapping, milling, and so on are only a few examples.

Cross slide vises that can hold work-pieces horizontally and vertically are essential. The best machine for you will be one that has a tight but smooth fit. You’ll be more beneficial because of it. For optimal machining method alignment, ensure the tool is accurate.


One of the most critical considerations is how long the product will last. Consider purchasing a cross slide vise with a cast-iron structure that is already built in.

Heavy-duty operations need a machine that can withstand repeated use without breaking down. Strong machines can withstand severe use and provide the best possible results.

To ensure long-term use, the side knobs should be made of cast iron. In addition, the long-lasting machine will provide you with excellent resistance to any wear and strain.

Size and Weight:

You need to get a cross slide drill press vise that is just the right size and weight for your needs. You should look for a machine that is straightforward to operate and maintain.

 Using a small, portable vise is one of the more appealing options. A machine with a wide range of capabilities can be built by combining these two approaches.


With cross slide vises, a solid grip is critical to the process. Consider the cross slide vise’s ability to provide the necessary amount of grip. As long as it doesn’t slip, you shouldn’t care. Keep an eye on the clamping jaws of the machine. The cross slide vise may give a secure hold if used correctly.

Quality is of the utmost importance, as you are aware. Paying for high-quality equipment with the greatest components is a wise investment. Look for steel jaws with serrated edges if you want to save money. Steel jaws provide the finest level of stability and dependability.


The cross slide vise’s base should be sturdy. A solid vise can handle any material without tipping over. The better the performance, the more stable the vise’s basis is. Look for a set of cold-rolled steel screws that are long-lasting. It will guarantee long-term success.

Ease of Use:

If you’re paying for a cross slide vise, it should be simple to operate. Vises should be easy to open and close. Aside from that, it can save you time and effort. Control and administration of the vise are made possible by its ease of usage.

It’s important to remember to seek for grips that can be adjusted. As a consequence, you’ll be able to save time at the office. Be aware that your own safety is in your hands at all times.

To assure your safety and comfort, choose a machine that can do both. A cross slide vise that is simple to operate can be your top pick.


It’s impossible to overlook the importance of functional design. These vises have diverse functions depending on whatever type you choose. Compact yet strong features are available on some models.

A variety of tasks may be performed with these tools: filling, drilling and sanding. Moreover, there are certain models that are useful but have a tendency to get in the way of moving items.

Stable locking mechanisms may be achieved with cradle tommy bar designs. As a result, focus on your needs and choose a model that provides more capabilities. Steel jaws structure is the way to go, in my opinion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What a Cross Slide Drill Press Vise is?

A cross slide vise is versatile equipment that slides a workpiece with the help of a cutting machine. It allows you to adjust the workpiece’s jaws without having to remove the base. A cross slide vise, unlike other vises, helps to keep the work-piece firmly in position.

What is a Cross Slide Vise Used For?

A cross slide vise’s main functions are to hold a workpiece and the cutting machine together. It lets you to remove the workpiece’s base before sliding it through. A cross slide vise, especially in milling machines, is a helpful instrument. It aids in the cutting of padlock keys. It cuts handmade knives with ease thanks to its high-end accuracy.

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Is a drill press vise required?

A drill press vise might make your work easier if you’re working on a machining project. It provides a more secure, smooth, and accurate working environment. Furthermore, you may obtain the equipment at a reasonable cost without breaking the bank.

What is the weight of a cross slide vise?

It is determined by the vise’s weight. Consider purchasing a lightweight machine that you can simply transport. You won’t get the most out of a heavyweight vise. As a consequence, I strongly advise investing in a portable vise.

Can i mill with a drill press?

Yes! In milling machines, a drill press is a helpful tool. The drill press may simply be converted into a milling machine. It won’t be as exact as actual mil, but it will offer you the best results.

Our Final Thoughts

Please read this article if you’re looking for information on the best cross-slide drill press vise. You may use the buyer’s guide we’ve provided here to make an informed selection.

In this post, we’ve highlighted our top 10 selections for machining projects, as you can see. All of the goods are well-built and of great quality, so they will last a long time.

Do not forget to properly care for and maintain your desired model after you have it. You may extend the life of it by taking proper care of it. You can trust any of the items we suggest to you. The best vises combine outstanding performance with exceptional ease of use.

Invest in high-quality machine that will serve you for many years if you take your time and look properly at what you really want. When it comes to getting the best cross slide drill press vise, our top option will help you get more done in less time.

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