8 Best Hammer Drill For Home Use You’ll Love

Best Hammer drill for home use

A hammer drill is one of the most helpful power tools at home. It’s basically a powered drill with a hammer attachment. Some hammer drills have a switch that lets you use them as ordinary drills by turning off the hammering motion.

Hammer drills are more effective than standard drills because they use an impact mechanism to break down tough materials by repeatedly hammering the drill bit into the work surface.

I’ve picked the 8 best hammer drill options to save you hours of searching for the best drills. To help you decide, I’ve listed their features, pros, and cons. I’ve listed everything you should consider while choosing a hammer drill. So, here they are:

  1. Bosch 1191VSRK Single-Speed Hammer Drill.
  2. Makita 5/8″” Hammer Drill Kit.
  3. GALAX PRO 2-Speed Compact Drill.
  4. Milwaukee 2804-22 Hammer Drill Kit.
  5. Ryobi P1813 Cordless Hammer Drill.
  6. DEWALT Hammer Drill.
  7. Makita Cordless 7/8″ Rotary Hammer Drill.
  8. BLACK+DECKER Hammer Drill.

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Number 1


With so many appealing features, the Bosch 1191VSRK Single-Speed Hammer Drill is the best option for light-duty DIY projects or if you’ve never used a hammer drill.


 It’s compact and lightweight, yet its 120-volt and 7-amp motor can drill at up to 3000 revolutions per minute, so it can still get the task done. The handle’s ergonomic design allows for various secure grips, making it easy to use for extended periods. 


You’ll have all the precision and command you need to get the work completed thanks to a 360-degree side handle that includes a quick-release depth gauge. The drill is complete with an additional grip, depth rod, chuck key, and a convenient case.



Number 2


Makita succeeds once more with their Hammer Drill Kit. A powerful, long-lasting drill with a 6 amp motor that produces 2800 RPM and up to 44 800 BPM is sturdy and good quality.


You may use it for rotational purposes or switch to the “hammering with rotation” mode when you need more drilling force, thanks to its two modes of operation. The tool has a longer lifespan and runs more smoothly due to its all-ball bearing design and extended-life motor brushes.


The drill includes a soft-grip handle and an additional handle connected to the side of the drill to provide the user with much-needed comfort while working in confined areas.



Number 3


Spending a lot of money on a high-end instrument makes little sense if you sometimes require a hammer drill when this cordless drill from GALAX PRO will do the task just fine. A 20V battery, charger, belt clip, three drill bits, two screwdriver bits, and this portable drill are all included.


You can complete your DIY projects fast and effortlessly with the help of this cordless drill, which includes a molded rubber handle for the user’s comfort. It is a beneficial instrument that can be used for many different tasks, such as framing a home or driving screws into a wall to hold a picture.


This is an excellent tool for any minor projects you may have. It offers sufficient torque and a long enough battery life to handle lightweight jobs. It also features a relatively strong light to brighten the work area as an extra plus.



Number 4


You won’t find a more portable hammer drill than the MILWAUKEE Electric Tools 2804-22. It’s a high-quality, powerful drill, ideal for light to medium home repair and improvement tasks.


It’s suitable for most drilling tasks and materials; however, it may have trouble with particularly thick concrete. If you frequently work in confined spaces, this cordless drill’s tiny size will be a welcome addition.


The built-in LED light makes it easier to see in dim areas. It also has a sturdy carrying box, a belt clip, a belt holder, a power pack, a charger, and a belt handle.



Number 5


The Ryobi P1813 Hammer Drill Power Tool Kit is a durable and effective option for those light- to medium-duty DIY projects around your house. This P1813 can be used as a standard drill driver for smaller jobs. It may also be used to drill holes in concrete if you want more drilling power.


Additionally, the Ryobi ONE+ is packed with helpful operator features that will speed up the completion of your DIY projects. The drill’s 12-inch single-sleeve keyless all-metal chuck makes changing drill bits simple.


While working with various materials, the 24-position clutch provides you more control. This hammer drill is equipped with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, charger, and even a helpful tool bag, so it is ready to use right out of the box.



Number 6


A drill needs to be both strong and simple to use. DeWalt has done this successfully by combining a 10-amp motor with a soft-grip handle, a two-finger trigger, and other features that improve comfort and control.


The sides handle with 360-degree locking guarantees maximum comfort. The drill’s motor is more powerful than most on the market while also providing increased overload protection.


Its dual mode allows you to use the hammer drill or drill for masonry, wood, and steel drilling applications. Additionally, metal gear housing has been added to ensure it is robust and doesn’t overheat when used for an extended period.



Number 7


The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 7/8″ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer offers Jobsite percussive drilling that is quicker and more effective. With its one-touch sliding chuck, bit changes are fast and simple.


Because of its more compact design and reduced vibration, the adaptable XRH04Z has three modes of operation and an integrated torque limiter to ensure reliable torque management for various concrete drilling jobs.


Anyone who frequently needs to make a hole in or crack concrete will value the Makita XRH04Z cordless hammer drill’s strong variable speed motor, fully rotating chisel with 40 positions, robust design, and soft rubber handle.



Number 8


The 6.5 Amp, 1/2 in. electric hammer drill from BLACK+DECKER is the clear choice when a normal drill isn’t powerful enough. It can drill rapidly and effectively through many kinds of masonry and other materials because of its 6.5 Amp motor’s 48,000 bpm speed.


Black+Decker’s 6.5-amp hammer drill is remarkably affordable, has a side handle that can be adjusted in three settings, a variable speed trigger, and a reverse function, and weighs only about four pounds. It can also transform from a regular drill to a hammer drill.


You can continue to use this electric hammer drill for materials like wood like a conventional one owing to a 2-position switch that allows you to convert between standard- and hammer-drill operations with the push of a button.


The corded construction guarantees you’ll never run out of power, and the 3-position side-handle aids in providing a secure hold from beginning to end. You may quickly and easily switch out bits up to 1/2 in. with the single-sleeve keyless chuck.



What to look for while purchasing the best hammer drill for home use?

It’s crucial to check out a few various types before choosing on the perfect hammer drill, as with any power equipment. To choose the best fit for the tasks you perform most often, it is important to focus on a few key factors while selecting an option.

Motor Power

An electric hammer drill with a motor that has a power range of 5-8 amps will be adequate if you plan to perform light to medium DIY activities around your home. This power range of drills is perfect for drilling holes up to ½-inch in block, mortar, brick, and other light masonry materials.

 Although it will take more time, these drills can also bore into concrete. A more effective motor will increase the drill’s overall speed and action and prevent the engine from burning out.

Reversible Function

The drill’s direction can be adjusted using the forward/reverse switch. You can turn the drill into a forward or reverse motion with the flip of a switch, which is great for getting a drill out of a hole when it gets stuck.

Power Source

Investing in a cordless drill will be ideal if you want to use your hammer drill for modest projects around the house and other unexpected tasks. You may move around without being concerned that the cord is long enough, that it won’t get tangled up, or that you might trip over it.

Because they are less powerful than corded ones, cordless drills have this drawback. Professionals typically utilize a corded drill since it has greater RPM and allows them to easily handle heavy-duty tasks.


Ensure the drill you select allows you to practice safety because it is always the most important factor. The two handles of a hammer drill, which give you stability, are the most popular safety feature.

It also assists if the hammer drill is ergonomically designed with absorption technology for maximum comfort. That is essential, especially given the strength of corded drills.

Goggles are among the additional elements you should think about. Goggles can stop bits from flying into your eyes, but most individuals tend to overlook them since they don’t perceive drilling as posing a significant risk to their eyes.

By using the proper amount of pressure, you can avoid hurting yourself as well as damaging the motor or snapping the bit. Putting too much force increases the risk of tripping and accidentally driving the drill into yourself or an unwanted object.


You must also consider the fact that most of hammer drills run on batteries. It’s crucial to take into account because some manufacturers have included a battery while others charge extra for it.

The longevity and charge time of batteries are other factors to take into account. While some drills recharge in only a few minutes, others may take an hour or longer.

Consider how long the batteries can last before needing to be replaced. You can even charge it by plugging it into a USB connection on some hammer drills.

Drill Bits

You should look for a hammer drill that has a lot of accessories in addition to one that has outstanding power and durability. A variety of drill bits should be included in a quality hammer drill.

The drill should ideally come with a variety of sizes and designs. You’ll benefit from this variety when you have to perform various tasks. Given their reputation for toughness, carbide-tipped bit heads for some of the accessories might be beneficial.


Today’s hammer drills often have keyless chucks so that you may quickly and easily change the bits, but you might think about purchasing a drill with a keyed chuck. In spite of the fact that you’ll have to properly tighten it, you’ll obtain better retention and won’t have to worry about it moving.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a hammer drill at home?

One of the ideal power tools to have around your house is a hammer drill. It is essentially a power drill that has a hammer function. The drill receives a smack from the hammer, enabling further drilling.

How do hammer drills and impact drivers differ from each other?

When striking the material being drilled, a hammer drill applies more force directly into the bit, whereas an impact driver applies more force perpendicular to the bit.

Which hammer drill should I use for concrete?

A rotary hammer drill is a drill that is specifically designed to drill through masonry or concrete. They have an SDS chuck, which enables the drill bit to travel independently up and down for greater drilling force, and are larger and heavier than hammer drills.

Which drill size is ideal for usage at home?

A drill with a 3/8-inch diameter is the most widely used. One of the ideal drills for use at home normally has a 1/4-inch diameter and is lightweight. A drill with a heavy-duty capacity typically has a 1/2-inch diameter. Typically, the diameter of a heavy-duty drill is 1/2 inches.


Our Final Thoughts

This article features reviews of 8 different hammer drills to choose from. You should focus on the product’s features, strengths, and any potential drawbacks that could prohibit you from doing the best possible work.

These compact drills are a wonderful option for light to medium do-it-yourself projects around the house because of their ease of handling and portability.

Since it can drill through tough materials like steel, brick, and mortar with ease, a hammer drill is sometimes referred to as a “small jackhammer.” You may rely on the strength and overall drilling performance of these well-made drills for the vast majority of your needs.

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