9 Best Magnetic Drill Press on The Market in 2023!

Best Magnetic Drill Press

Every metalworking or manufacturing workshop needs a magnetic drill press. With this portable equipment, small holes can be drilled in hard materials like steel. They use an electromagnetic base to attach to the material’s surface, enabling safe and accurate work.

A magnetic drill press, magnetic drill, or mag drill is a tool for drilling into metal. A powerful magnetic base is placed directly on the metal you wish to cut to ensure stability and accuracy during drilling.

This tool’s magnetic function makes it perfect for drilling into difficult-to-reach places, such as an I-beam or a truck bed. It makes it simple to drill holes with the same depth and angle and modify the cut as necessary.

This article will show you what to look for while purchasing and help you decide which type of magnetic drill press is best for you. Based on reviews, features, and overall value, the list below includes the top 9 best magnetic drill presses available today. Here they are:

  1. Hougen HMD904 115-Volt Magnetic Drill.
  2. DEWALT (DWE1622K) Drill Press.
  3. Milwaukee Magnetic Drill Press Kit.
  4. BLACK BLUEROCK BRM-35A Magnetic Drill.
  5. Mophorn 1200W Magnetic Drill Press.
  6. Champion Cutting Tool Magnetic Drill Press.
  7. Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG42 Drill Press.
  8. MABasic 200 Portable Magnetic Drill Press.
  9. VEVOR Magnetic Drill Press.

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Number 1


The Hougen Magnetic Drill Press has a 9-amp motor suitable for working with steel buildings, producing equipment, and moderate frequency of usage.

The magnetic drill press can reach 450 RPM and a maximum cut depth of 2 inches, allowing you to drill down to cut straight through 2-inch thick metal or set the depth to a lesser setting if you don’t want to break the material.

This press can be equipped with various additional attachments, including countersink bits, tapping bits, drill chucks, and more. Quickly switching from one sort of task to another is easier with the slot drive arbor, which allows for simple accessory changing.

Although this drill was made with professionals in mind, anyone who needs accurate holes could use it. This premium tool comes at a high price, but it is well worth it due to its usefulness and dependability.



Number 2


The 10-amp motor in the DEWALT magnetic drill press has two settings, either 300 or 450 RPM. It features an overload protection system and a quick-change chuck mechanism to safeguard the motor. It has a 300W maximum power rating and a three-year limited guarantee.


Given that it has the largest drill size, the Dewalt DWE1622K magnetic drill press is listed in this article. The Dewalt drill press has a drill size range of up to 2 inches, although most options have a drill size range of 1 inch or somewhere similar.


A quick-release feeding handle is also included with the DeWalt press and can be utilized on either side of the press. The drill’s built-in overload protection safeguards the motor from excessive current, ensuring longevity and reliability.



Number 3


The Milwaukee Magnetic Drill efficiently drills through 1/4-inch steel with a firm grip. The Milwaukee 13 Amp Magnetic Drill Press has the power you require if you require a heavy-duty drill to make numerous cuts in thick, hardened metal.


The maximum motor speed for this drill, which has two-speed options, is either 475 RPM when the drill is set to low or 730 RPM when the drill is set to high. Use the powerful 13 amp motor, which has more than enough power to finish the task, to easily drive the bit down into the material.


The red plastic carrying case for this magnetic drill press, which weighs 35 lbs., is also included. The electrically charged magnetic base of the drill can be engaged or disengaged with the touch of a button, and it can cut to a depth of 2 inches.


This drill also has a built-in lift detection feature that will turn the drill off immediately when the sensor detects the tool being moved, helping keep you safe during work.



Number 4


Suppose you’re seeking drill press brands that provide affordable options for a high-value proposition. In that case, Black Bluerock is an excellent option. These magnetic drill press handles have non-slip grips to assist you in controlling and hold the tool more securely.


Moreover, the performance of this drill press is quite good. This is made possible by its mighty electric motor, which can easily reach 595 RPM. Using this drill press in your workshop, you can create holes up to 2 inches deep.


This magnetic drill is packaged with a black plastic carrying bag and an oil bottle for cleaning the drill’s bit while it is in use. Sadly, because it is a cheap alternative, this drill press only provides a 90-day warranty. 


Additionally, this drill press’s build quality could be better in the market.

However, the drill press comes with many extras, such as a free chuck, adaptor, oil bottle, safety chain, and case. Given all these factors and its cheaper price, it represents excellent value for many users.



Number 5


The Mophron 1200W magnetic drill press is a well-made, cost-effective, and highly productive magnetic drill press. The 2920 pounds of magnetic force will be useful for more security and efficiency. Using a switch, you can engage and disengage the magnet that powers the drill.


This drill includes a back ergonomic handle for lifting and carrying it. The feed handles have anti-slip rubber padding to make it easier to manage the drill and improve cutting precision. It is ideally suited for working with medium to thin steel, like in automotive repairs, manufacturing, or shipbuilding.


One of the most powerful in the industry is the 1200W motor. It has a maximum speed of 50 Hz With 500 RPM and is powerful enough to cut through any rigid or hard material. Because of this, it also functions as a magnetic drill press in machine shops and for general steel manufacturing.



Number 6


The RotoBrute AC35 by Champion Cutting Tool is a strong, portable magnetic drill press for making holes up to 1-3/8″ in diameter and 2″ in depth. It is simple to maneuver, and the quick change arbor makes changing the annular cutters quick and effortless.


Additionally, this magnetic drill press offers a variable speed trigger that makes it simple to change the speed to suit your requirements. Because it only uses 1200 watts of power, which is low for the motor speed, the motor is also highly efficient. 


Moreover, this drill press’s drilling depth, rated at 2 inches, is comparable to that of most other options available. It gives the operator a total of 6 12 inches of motion to line the drill holes in a specific object or surface.



Number 7


Evolution Power Tools offers various reasonably priced and well-priced power tool options that are also highly dependable and long-lasting, like its magnetic drill press. This drill press’s simple controls, 6-inch stroke length, and adjustable features make choices simple.


The most dependable and long-lasting alternative available is this Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 drill press. It has a superb build quality that rivals other, much more expensive choices. 


Regarding its guarantee, this magnetic drill press has a class-leading warranty period of 3 years, which is always a plus. Its dependable and effective 10 amp electric motor, which uses 1100 watts of power, enables it to provide this.


This drill press also has an included cooling system, which is a nice feature. This ensures that neither your drill bit nor your work piece will be damaged when you drill quickly utilizing the 570 RPM electric motor of this drill press.



Number 8


A powerful, dependable, and affordable single-speed portable magnetic drill press is the MABasic 200, which is made for demanding construction and continuous use. With annular cutters, the MABAsic 200 mag drill can make holes up to 1-3/8″ in diameter and up to 1/2″ with twist drill bits.


The portable magnetic drills from CS Unitec are perfect for drilling nearly any metal, including structural steel. It guarantees you everything you need for professional use both on the job site and in the shop.


Suppose the magnet loses contact with the material. In that case, the electronic Safety Shut-off system will automatically turn off the drill motor. This emergency-off feature safeguards both the person and the machine.



Number 9


With a firm magnetic adhesion of 12000 N and an ideal rotation speed of 200-550 RPM, this class of top drill press tools has been carefully designed and engineered for speed and precision. For heavy-duty industrial and steel fabrication operations, it is a crucial instrument.

Its ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip for use and transport. 


Non-slip rubber is placed on these three extended crank handles to reduce labor requirements. The magnetic drill press’s coolant tank, dustproof air inlet, and exhaust air holes are made to keep the machine from overheating.


The two-stage solid magnet can produce 12,000 N of holding force, ensuring that the drill press machine won’t move while doing the work. 

This electromagnetic drill press is essential in shipbuilding, equipment installation, bridge construction, wind electricity production, and other engineering facilities.



What to Look for While Purchasing the Best Magnetic Drill Press?

It’s critical to pick the right option in accordance with your needs and the capabilities of the drill. I am offering a purchase guide with all the essential details about magnetic drill presses to make your decision-making process easier.


A magnetic drill press is typically designed to be used for a specific task, such as drilling holes in wood or metal, as compared to standard workshop tools. In fact, the cost of this drill press will increase dramatically when upgraded from a DIY model to a professional model.

Therefore, before making a purchase, it is important to know why you will be using this instrument and which grade model is needed for your job. Without knowing this, purchasing a magnetic drill press that is either too strong or too weak is a waste of money.

You must choose a tool that completely fits your purposes based on the job or work at home and how you will be using the drill. Select a magnetic drill press that has the necessary drilling depth, cutting diameters, maximum RPM speed, and specific features to finish the project or job.


Amperes are used to measure the magnetic drill press’s power usage (amps). It relates to how much power your drill needs to operate effectively. These drills will have a power rating between 6-12 amps. In fact, tough material can be cut through more easily with a drill press with a greater power rating.

A heavy-duty drill with 10 or more amps is useful if you frequently need to cut through thick metal components. A small drill, on the other hand, would only be able to partially complete the task and quickly wear out since it wouldn’t have the power to cut through the tough material.

Motor Speed

In order to effectively drill into a specific surface or material, the magnetic drill presses require an electric motor to turn the drill bit. It is a measurement of the fastest rotational speed a drill bit can perform, measured in rotations per minute (RPM).

Determining the sort of magnetic drill press you need is crucial since the spinning speed or RPM will impact the drill’s drilling capacity or performance. A drill with a greater rpm will, as you might expect, cut through any material rapidly and effectively.

A magnetic drill press’s motor speed will vary from 450 RPM to 750 RPM. High motor speed drill presses provide better performance because of their faster rotational speed, which makes it easier to drill through harder materials.

Additionally, the magnetic drill press with variable speed settings will allow you to choose the output speed or rpm dependent on the needs of your project or the work material you wish to cut.


The magnetic drill press needs specific magnet strength in order to perform all multiple tasks. For instance, if you’re utilizing a drill for overhead or vertical work, you need to pick a type with a high magnetic rating.

Additionally, the magnet’s strength is crucial to take into account while operating in any unstable work environment because, despite of the working environment, a powerful magnet will assure an accurate drill (favorable or unfavorable).

A few magnets only function once you start the drill machine. Therefore, in order to purchase the drill magnet that best suits your needs, you as the user should have a full knowledge of how it functions.

Cutting depth

The deepest a drill bit can go into the material you are dealing with is referred to as the maximum depth. Before buying a certain drill press, check the cut depth to see if it can drill as deeply as is necessary for your project. Or else, the project won’t be able to be completed.

The cut depth of these presses will often range from 1 to 3 inches, but 2 inches being the most typical cutting depth. The reason for this is that it provides the greatest flexibility for creating a small hole that won’t completely break the material.

Size of Drill

A crucial consideration when selecting a new magnetic drill press for your workshop is drill size. Decide what kind of task you will be performing, as well as the material you will be using and the largest cuts you intend to make. This should offer a strong basis for choosing the drill’s overall size.

Despite the power of a larger magnetic drill press, smaller ones could be preferable for light tasks because more is not always better. But, if you want to work with thick steel on a daily basis, you’ll need a powerful, tough machine.

Safety Features

To finish your project securely and without having to visit the hospital, you should always be aware of the cutting blades, grinding wheels, and other potentially harmful components when using a tool. Manufacturers have added built-in safety safeguards since a magnetic drill press is not any different.

Ease of Use

The usage of a magnetic drill press isn’t difficult, but when choosing the best model for you, it’s crucial to take into account the variations between different brands. Some drill models are made to drill light-weight holes through sheet metal and other thin metal materials.

These drills are lighter and frequently smaller than more powerful options because of their specific use. Although heavier magnetic drills are more difficult to move and carry, they can do some of the more demanding tasks that a lightweight drill cannot.

In order to choose a tool that is simple to hold, set up, and use without fearing about it slipping out of your hands, take in consideration the ergonomic grip and function of the drill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now read answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding your new magnetic drill press.

What exactly is a magnetic drill press?

To drill holes in metal, a machine called a magnetic drill press is utilized. This tool has an electromagnet and a cutting tool attachment. Core drills are cutting tools that are used with magnetic drill presses; they have cutting blades on the surface and on the teeth but are hollow inside.

Should gloves be worn while operating a magnetic drill press?

While operating a magnetic drill press, you shouldn’t wear gloves since the fabric might be caught and be drawn into the tool. Though, wearing gloves will help prevent cuts when using the magnetic drill press to remove chips from the cutter and magnet.

What are the benefits of a magnetic drill press?

To drill hard metal and steel, magnetic drill presses are required. They are essential tools in the manufacturing of structural steel, including shipbuilding, bridge construction, and general installation.

Making holes for bolted connectors in steel constructions is one of the most common uses for a magnetic drill press. They can be used as truck frame rails, guard rails, steel signs, and more. Magnetic drill presses are used by all maintenance and repair sectors.

Who uses a magnetic drilling machine?

The best and most frequent users of this magnetic drill press are typically those who work in the automobile, construction, welding, metal fabrication, or engineering sectors. They are extremely portable and light, which will simplify your work process and let you carry them to the workplace with ease.

If you frequently work with metals or requires constant machine maintenance, you must get this magnetic drill press. You must consider the model’s advantages before purchasing because it is relatively pricey.

Our Final Thoughts

A magnetic drill press is ideal for heavy-duty purposes that require for drilling through magnetic materials like steel, even though there are many different types of drill presses available.

As you can see in the list of the top magnetic drill presses in this article, these drills even include a variety of functions that might be useful during drilling. To help you find the ideal one, I’ve listed all of their key differences and features.

You should now have enough ideas to choose the best press for you in a practical and wise manner. 9 of the best magnetic drill presses have been reviewed. My intention was to erase any doubt from your purchasing decision by highlighting the models’ and reviews’ major characteristics.

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