Best Budget Hammer Drill in 2023 | Top 9 Best with Reviews and Comparison

Best Budget Hammer Drill

If you use a regular rotary drill to drill into brick or concrete, the drill can overheat and break or the bit might burn. You need something more powerful than a regular drill, and a hammer drill is perfect for the job. They can be used with no difficulties at all on brick and concrete.

A hammer drill is a multifunctional tool that drills, drives screws, and bores holes into hard materials including stone, brick, metal, and others. Hammer drills are frequently used in residential settings to make holes in walls so that pipes or cables can be run inside from the outside.

A hammer drill enables drilling into concrete walls or masonry simpler. This list of the top 9 best budget hammer drills for concrete, woodworking, and other uses is the product of my study, comparison, and analysis of test results.

Here they are:

  1. BOSCH 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Hammer Drill.
  2. DEWALT D25263K Rotary Hammer Drill.
  3. BLACK+DECKER BEHD201 Hammer Drill.
  4. DEWALT DW511 Hammer Drill.
  5. Makita HP2050 3/4″ Hammer Drill.
  6. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Hammer Drill.
  7. Metabo – 18V Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill.
  8. Skil 7.5 Amp 1/2-in Corded Hammer Drill Bit Set.
  9. VEVOR 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill.

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Budget Hammer Drills

Number 1


This Bosch professional hammer drill was made to be used in difficult conditions on construction sites. Although rotary hammer drills vary differently from hammer drills, they have a little bit more power and versatility.

The completely rebuilt Bulldog Xtreme beats the rivals in terms of performance and quickness. The three operating modes of the multi-function selector are rotary hammer, hammer-only, and rotation-only. Equal power is provided in both forward and reverses by its unique revolving brush plate.

This drill has a strong 7.5-amp motor, a variable speed trigger, three operating modes and it can change into 36 different positions for drilling in a variety of angles, including floors, ceilings, and confined spaces.



Number 2


DeWalt models should be considered by anyone looking for a powerful rotary hammer drill that can cut through challenging materials like concrete. This company produces some of the most popular power tools available.

The DeWalt D25263K is among the best power tools manufactured by the company so far and is perfect for fixing holes and drilling anchors into masonry. This product is loaded with features and is offered at a fair price. This model offers quick chipping and drilling speed because of its 3 Joules of impact energy.

The D25263K has an ergonomic design that makes it feel very comfortable in your hands. The front handle can be rotated 360 degrees, giving the user more control over the tool while drilling, since the back handle is rubber covered and offers a very solid grip.

This model’s motor is what makes it the best option for demanding work. It is an 8.5 AMP engine that offers impressive impact energy of 3 Joules, which results in exceptional performance.



Number 3


The 6.5 Amp, 1/2 in. electric hammer drill from BLACK+DECKER is the perfect pick when a normal drill simply isn’t powerful enough. It can drill rapidly and effectively through many kinds of masonry and other materials because of its 6.5 Amp motor’s 48,000 bpm speed.

Black+Decker’s 6.5-amp hammer drill is remarkably affordable, has a side handle that can be adjusted in three settings, a variable speed trigger, a reverse function, and weighs only about four pounds. Additionally, it can change from a standard drill to a hammer drill.

The corded construction guarantees that you’ll never run out of power, and the 3-position side handles aids in providing a secure hold from beginning to end. You can easily and quickly switch out bits up to 1/2 in. with the single-sleeve keyless chuck.



Number 4


This DeWalt 1/2-inch hammer drill is one of the best corded hammer drills for medium-duty job site activities and home DIY projects because it has sturdy 1/2 carbide chuck, an integrated 360-degree rotating side handle with depth rod, and a built-in chuck key holder.

With its powerful 7.8 Amp, 650W motor, you can drill accurately and to a predetermined depth in masonry, wood, and other materials at up to 46,000 BPM while in hammer mode.

This model lacks a three-speed transmission, unlike the DeWalt MAX HR cordless hammer drill, but it does include variable motor speed control. This means that the ratio of the motor speed to the drill bit speed remains constant, but you can still modify the rate of drilling, of course.

The Dewalt 1/2 inch, 7.8-Amp Hammer Drill, which weighs only 4.3 lbs, is an excellent rotating hammer drill. It is a flexible instrument that may be used for hammer drilling as well as switching to a conventional drill mode for projects involving wood, steel, and masonry.



Number 5


A corded hammer drill that is directly linked to an electrical outlet or an extension cord often has more power than a comparable corded device, though this can often be a disadvantage.

This 34-inch Makita hammer drill utilizes the extra power to run at a top speed of 2,900 rpm, making it simpler to drill through challenging material more quickly. Depending on the project, users can select the hammer or drill mode and adjust the speed to low (0 to 1,200 rpm) or high (0 to 2,900 rpm).

To enhance control, the corded hammer drill features a detachable auxiliary handle. It also has a depth gauge that is attached directly to the top of the drill, allowing users to rapidly monitor the depth as they operate. When the task is finished, place the drill inside the carrying case.



Number 6


The 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill (Tool Only) is a powerful hammer drill that provides the power required to finish both large and minor activities like drilling metal, wood, and masonry.

Many people prefer the simplicity of a cordless tool, and the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX hammer drill enables you to work wherever you are cordlessly without losing power.

A built-in LED light on the hammer drill illuminates tight spaces and dark work locations while a battery gauge shows how much charge is left in the battery.

It includes a two-speed gearbox, a metal ratcheting chuck with 23 settings designed to reduce sliding, a battery life indicator, a belt hook, and magnets to keep the bits, in addition to having these characteristics.



Number 7


This tool really is impressive. The Metabo hammer drill has a revolutionary vacuum attachment that collects all drilling waste, leaving little to no fuss for you to clean up afterward in addition to being incredibly powerful and easily handling hard surfaces.

Contractors installing overhead items like 3/8″ or 12″ drop-in anchors, electrical channels, fire suppression systems, or Unistrut channel will consider this equipment to be ideal. Although it may be expensive, if you often drill holes in ceilings, you’ll desire you had this.

Even with the additional attachment, this professional-grade tool is lightweight and has exceptional design and construction, as is typical of the majority of the goods produced by this well-known German manufacturer.



Number 8


It is well worth the time to get a new hammer drill for the workplace, but keep in mind that the drill is useless without compatible drill bits or driver bits. Users will have everything they need to start working right away with this Skil 1 2 inch corded hammer drill.

The 100-piece drill bit set that comes with the 7.5-amp hammer drill has a maximum speed of 3,000 rpm. In contrast to many combo kits, which include a few accessories to increase the drill’s appeal, this product is designed to be used in pairs.

The drill additionally comes with a sturdy plastic carrying bag that can accommodate the 100-piece drill bit set in the top compartment and the drill in the bottom compartment for easy storage and travelling.



Number 9


This heavy-duty hammer is the smart pick for everyone, whether they are a professional worker or a DIY specialist. For quick concrete drilling, the rotating hammer offers 5.5J of impact energy.

It can swiftly remove plaster and tile, chisel through fractures and perforations in pipes in walls and floors, and easily repair concrete. It can also quickly drill through concrete and masonry walls.

The speed control system on the concrete hammer drill allows you to adjust the speed from 1 to 6 in accordance with your needs. It has a maximum impact frequency of 4300 bpm and a no-load speed of 940 prm. Additionally, the double vibration control system significantly lowers worker injuries.

Using the rotary hammer will make it simple to remove tiles or break brickwork. Additionally, it works with metal, wood, masonry, concrete, and brick. It is also perfect for professional or regular home users.



What to look for while purchasing the best budget hammer drill?

For your upcoming project, it’s crucial to take into account a number of critical factors while purchasing a powerful hammer drill. The best hammer drills can be utilized for screw driving, drilling through softer materials and hammer drilling into masonry. Make sure you have the appropriate drill bits for the task, though.

Cordless vs. Corded Hammer Drill

The portability and greatly increased reach of a cordless hammer drill come at the expense of maximum run time. A cordless hammer drill can be your best option if you’re working outside in the yard or on a job site where electrical outlets are not readily available.

A corded hammer drill may provide you greater time management confidence while using it at home, in the garage, or on a site with sufficient 120V access.

Drill Mode

The user can typically switch between the hammer mode and normal operation on hammer drills by pressing a button. This is commonly referred to as “drill mode,” and it can only be identified by a variable-speed settings.

Furthermore, depending on the model, it might be identified by a symbol that looks like a drill bit. This mode is designed to drill holes through softer materials, including wood or plastic, and has more controllable torque.


Hammer drills frequently have a 1/2-inch keyed chuck that can accommodate the drill bits needed to efficiently drill through brick, concrete, and other hard, brittle materials.

On the other hand, a keyless chuck can be more convenient if you plan to use the drill mostly for typical DIY projects that require a rotary driver and only sometimes need to drill holes in concrete, brick, or hardwood.

Hammer Mode

The hammer mode is a setting found on all hammer drills and is frequently identified by a symbol of a hammer. To help masonry bits cut through tough materials like stone, brick, and concrete, this setting offers pulsing action.

The drill can cut and punch through hard material like an auger and jackhammer, but with less force. Rotary hammer drills are designed for long-term jack-hammering into masonry, brick, and stone.

Battery Life of cordless

The battery life of a cordless hammer drill is a crucial factor to take into account. Look for a cordless hammer drill with a brushless motor if you want the longest battery life possible.

Additional Features

Higher-end hammer drills may come with additional features that can speed up entire project, add a touch of comfort, or improve functionality. A brushless motor, a depth gauge, a built-in flashlight, a carrying case, and an extra battery are a few of the alternatives available.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are answers to some frequently asked questions concerning hammer drill capabilities, distinctions between hammer drills and standard drills, typical hammer drill lifespan, and more.

What tasks are best suited for a hammer drill?

The main purpose of hammer drills is for simple masonry work. They can strike harder materials like mortar and brick with the extra hammer function, and the rotational force creates a clean drill hole in the material.

What is the best purpose of a hammer drill?

Hammer drills are mostly made for simple masonry tasks. While the rotational force neatly drills a hole through the material, the extra hammer function enables them to strike tougher materials like mortar and brick.

Which drill is most effective for concrete?

For drilling holes in concrete, a hammer drill is significantly superior to a standard household drill or rotary driver. The concrete is compacted as the bit rotates in a hammer drill by adding percussive impacts.

Do hammer drills perform better than standard drills?

Since a hammer drill combines a chiseling movement with the bit’s spinning action, it is considerably superior for operations involving cement, masonry, brick, and even many carpentry projects. Thus, the job will be finished considerably sooner and the parts won’t wear out as quickly.

Can i use a regular drill with a hammer drill bit?

You can utilize a masonry bit or a hammer drill bit in a standard drill, but it could be challenging to drill large holes through concrete and other hard materials using a standard drill.

What is the lifespan of a hammer drill?

A hammer drill will normally last between 5 to 10 years, depending on how frequently it is used and how carefully it is maintained on a regular basis.

Our Final Thoughts

Based on functionality, price, and design, both DIYers and pros deem hammer drills to be the best in their respective classes. But it may be tempting to simply pull out your old drill to complete the task; a hammer drill is the most effective tool for working with concrete, brick, stone, or masonry.

A standard drill might be able to work on these tough materials with a lot of patience and effort, but it would probably wind-up ruining not only the drill bit but also, in some cases, the drill itself.

It might be wise for you to purchase a hammer drill if your work or projects frequently involve drilling into solid surfaces. I’ve selected 9 of the greatest one’s for you to pick from.

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