7 Best Impact Driver For Electricians in 2023

Best impact driver for electricians

Because of its versatility, a cordless drill-driver is frequently one of the first power tools users’ purchases. And although that’s wonderful, I’d suggest that you should also spend money on an effect driver.

Several tasks, including constructing decks, putting down plywood, installing tile backer board, or any other activity requiring driving long screws into wood, can be made simpler.

So, I’ve listed top 7 best impact drivers for electricians to make your purchase more effective and easy. Here are they:

  1. DEWALT 20V Max Impact Driver Kit.
  2. Ryobi ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless Impact Driver Kit.
  3. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Impact Driver.
  4. SKIL PWR CORE 20 Brushless 20V Impact Driver.
  5. BOSCH 18V 1/4 In. Hex Impact Driver Kit.
  6. BOSCH 12-Volt Max EC Brushless Impact Driver Kit.
  7. Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Impact Driver.

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 3 Best Impact Driver For Electricians

Number 1


This extensively used and extremely well-liked 20V MAX impact driver kit from DEWALT is a low-cost product that has become the preferred choice of electricians and woodworkers, among other specialists.

There are a few extra features included with this DEWALT product as well. For instance, the built-in LED system has a 20-second delay when the trigger is released. It is simple to control the impact driver’s sensitivity because it uses a press-able button. Overall, both novices and experts will love the new design.

You can’t judge a machine by its cover; the DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit is the perfect example of this. As we’ve already shown, the impact driver’s combination of strength and quality compact design is remarkable.



Number 2


This One+ is offered in a budget-friendly drill-driver kit. Having a drill and driver on hand is convenient and prevents you from having to switch bits back and forth while working on tasks that demand for both. This basic driver is really effective for most home-related tasks.

Moreover, a brushless motor with up to 400 in. /lbs. of torque is included for maximum power while drilling and driving through challenging materials. Additional features include a 24-position clutch for optimal control while drilling and driving, as well as a 2-speed gearbox (0-450 and 0-1,700 RPM).

Its 18 V battery and 1,700 inlb of torque make it ideal for driving lag bolts and other lengthy fasteners without drilling pilot holes. The 5.5-inch length of the tool’s head made it easier to access fasteners even in tiny spaces.



Number 3


The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Lithium Impact Driver is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a semi-premium impact driver with improved performance. This cordless tool also features one of the best impact driver designs I’ve ever seen.

The product includes a quick-release 1/4 inch hex chuck, just like many high-end cordless impact drivers. You can switch the chucks with only one hand once you’ve gotten used to the size. You can rely on the performance provided by the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Lithium Impact Driver with its cordless and small design.

The machine’s 20V capacity translates to a remarkable maximum torque of 1375 Inch Pounds. That implies that the machine can keep up with you even if you move from a residential to a commercial setting.



Number 4


Drive through dense woods with confidence and precision using the PWR CORE Brushless 20V 1/4 Inch Hex Impact Driver for everything from updating kitchen cabinets to creating your own swing set. Its strong impact drill can handle the toughest materials and drive screws through thick surfaces and bigger bolts.

Every drive is powered by its brushless motor, and its advanced Control Mode changes from low to high speed depending on how tightly the fastener is secured. An Auto PWR JUMP™ Charger and PWR CORE 20™ 2.0Ah Lithium Batteries are included in this cordless impact driver kit.

As you can tell by the specifications, this cordless, brushless impact driver has a 2.0Ah battery inside and a maximum voltage of 20V. It implies that you can use the tool for a long period before the battery needs to be recharged.



Number 5


When it comes to high-quality equipment for the industry, BOSCH is another name you can rely on. This high-end tool has a built-in LED system and fast charging capabilities. If these features weren’t included in a product of this price, you definitely would have been disappointed.

Because it has an 18V voltage and a strong battery inside, the BOSCH GDR18V-1400B12 18V Impact Driver Kit has a dependable design and can deliver up to 1400 Inch Pounds of power. A fantastic 2800RPM system is also within your reach. Also, the company has included some useful features.

With this small impact driver, BOSCH used a hammer and anvil system. So, you can easily experience the best performance when you want to. Moreover, the design lessens the amount of recoil that the user experiences.



Number 6


The Bosch PS42-02 12-Volt Max EC Brushless Impact Driver set includes a charger, 2 12V Max 2.0 Ah batteries, and a small but powerful 1/4-Inch hex driver. Although it only weighs 1.6 lbs. and has a 5.5-inch head length, this driver is a powerhouse with an improved impact system.

The Bosch performance control system is another feature of the tool. It offers 2 speed settings, one for high speed and high torque and the other for low speed and low torque. This tool is capable of carrying out every duty, including driving 4.5-inch, 3/8-inch lag bolts without the need for pilot holes.

The driver’s maximum torque of 975 inch lbs. makes it ideal for repetitive driving operations and around 85% of fastening procedures on a professional jobsite. The tool’s enhanced all-metal gearbox and EC Brushless motor enable amazing efficiency, lengthy runtime, and longer life.



Number 7


The Metabo HPT WH18DBFL2QB – 18V Lithium Ion Brushless Impact Driver offers remarkable compact along with exceptional power and torque. It has a brushless motor, which offers greater power, lighter weight, and longer tool life.

Bit replacement is quick and simple with a keyless 1/4″ hex drive, and there is no bit slippage while in operation. A bright LED, ergonomic grip, center balance design, and an on-tool battery indication are other features that this Brushless impact driver offers to elevate your workplace even further.

The black versions of the same tools remove some of the more expensive advanced features while maintaining the same build quality and warranty. The ability to drive in a variety of speeds and modes is wonderful, but they are not necessary in order to complete a task.



What to look for while purchasing the best impact driver for electricians?

In comparison to drills, impact drivers have higher speeds and more torque. Many low-quality cordless drills have recently entered the market, making things confusing. I’ve included detailed instructions for choosing the best impact drivers for electricians. Here are those factors:

Purchase from Trustworthy Brands

Using trusted brands is the best way to acquire quality impact drivers. Through time, these brands develop a reputation that aids in the production of high-quality goods. So, buying from them means you will receive the best tool.

Choose well-known merchant websites or go to the brand’s own website to make your purchase. You can get your drill tools from Amazon, a well-known retailer, which offers many great options for you.

The benefits of purchasing from reliable brands are numerous. You can start by taking advantage of discounts and other deals. When you make a purchase through the official brand website, you can also be eligible for free shipping.

Weight and Size

I like impact drivers because, on the whole, they’re smaller and lighter than drill drivers. When working overhead, they are less tiring and can access tight areas. In addition to measuring the overall length and checking the weight, i also measure each impact driver both without and with a battery installed.


Always aim to purchase long-lasting products wherever possible. Products that last a long time will save you the stress of having to keep buying the same thing. You can select brands with long warranties.

You can see how confident these brands are in their products by looking at their product guarantees. If there are any problems, you can always return the item for a refund or a replacement.

Compare Features

Never neglect feature comparisons while purchasing products. When you buy an impact driver, you already know what it should perform. Hence, you need to determine if your device has those functions. By comparing the features, you can choose the product with the most useful and enjoyable features.

Value and Cost

Depending on the features, performance, and pricing you value most, a tool’s worth will vary for each user. Whatever the case, the value for you is determined by the total of what you receive in comparison with the expenses you pay. This is how i assign a value rating to each impact driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a drill or an impact driver?

You should be aware that an impact driver and a drill are two separate products. The answer is not definitive, even though you can sometimes use them interchangeably.

A drill is made for regular drilling needs, whereas an impact driver is made to drive screws into tough materials. As we indicated, you can employ a set of accessories to reverse these possibilities, but you will have to lose accuracy and control in the end.

Do brushless impact drivers perform better?

It is true that a brushless impact driver is better to a regular impact driver. I have to consider how all of these changes will affect performance. Your decision will be based on the project you want to complete. So, one may function better than the other depending on the specifics of the situation.

Therefore, if you have a brushless impact driver system, you can benefit from higher performance and hassle-free systems. That happens because brushless motors have little friction and a long lifespan. But, a brushless impact driver can cost a little bit more.

Can I drill using an impact driver?

Impact drivers are not intended for use in drilling operations, as was already explained. Nonetheless, you can use the instrument for drilling with the aid of a few attachments.

You cannot anticipate the ideal level of strength or accuracy while doing this, though. The impact driver’s handling of the drill-bit depends on its hammering motion.

Do impact drivers have more power than drills?

When it comes to being able to generate more pressure to free stuck bolts and screws or push them further into the material, an impact driver is significantly more powerful than a drill.

My Final Thoughts

There is no dispute that you need one of the greatest impact drivers for your electrical or general work equipment. If your tasks need more power and endurance, you shouldn’t be hesitant to invest in a high-quality impact driver with a tough construction.

The best impact drivers for electricians have been reviewed. The products in my selection are from respected companies with a reputation for excellence. Hence, if the quality is what you want, you may always use these products.

Almost most of the products on my list have the most power and torque. You can use these tools to carry out DIY projects around the house and drill holes. Also, because of their own unique specs, you can utilize these devices professionally.

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