9 Best Drills for Electricians in 2023 | What to Look For

Best drill for Electrician

If you’re a skilled electrician, a drill is an essential instrument for you. It offers the greatest level of adaptability in a compact design. In this article, I will describe the best drill for electricians.

Hence, if you already work as an electrician or aspire to be a professional, this information is for you. I’ll go over the top 9 best drill for electrician in this article. These 7 drills will provide the longest battery life based on my study.

Also, these drills will guarantee a productivity increase of more than 50% over other instrument available on the market. To fit your drilling needs, my list includes both corded and cordless drills. So, here are they:

  1. DEWALT (DCD980M2) 20V MAX Drill/Driver.
  2. Bosch 18V Compact 1/2″ Drill/Driver Kit.
  3. Milwaukee 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Right Angle Drill.
  4. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver.
  5. PORTER-CABLE (PC600D) Corded Drill.
  6. Makita FD07R1 MAX CXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Driver-Drill Kit.
  7. Makita XPH11ZB 18V Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver-Drill.
  8. Milwaukee 18V FUEL HOLE HAWG 1/2″ Right Angle Drill.
  9. BLACK+DECKER LDX220C 20V MAX Cordless Drill Driver.

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In a Hurry ? Our Chosen Top 3 Best drill for Electrician

Number 1


The Dewalt DCD980M2 is a powerful and very versatile cordless drill. It’s a fantastic option for heavy-duty work that can also handle lighter-duty duties because of its versatility. The drill has three speed settings that allow us to quickly adapt the drill to function on a variety of surfaces.

With three speed options available, the DCD980M2 DEWALT 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Premium 3-Speed Cordless Drill with Battery and Charger Kit enables users to select the amount of performance required for various applications.

Its package comes with a 20V Max* XR Premium Lithium Ion battery, a cordless power drill, a one-hour charger, 360-degree side handles, and a kit box.

It also has a long battery life and a powerful motor with a maximum output of 535 UWO, producing high torque. The only drawback is that it weighs 5.2 pounds, which is comparatively heavy.



Number 2


A drill with 480 In. Lbs. of torque is included in the BOSCH GSR18V 190B22 18V Compact 1/2 In. Drill/Driver Set, giving you extra strength to handle the toughest worksite tasks. The two-speed transmission is designed for high-torque driving and high-speed drilling.

This Bosch cordless drill is excellent. Because of its compact design, driving screws into tight areas is a breeze. With its double-handed design and convenient features like two speed settings and adjustable torque, it is very flexible.

Its drill’s adaptability, integrated LED light, and many operating modes will win you over. This compact tool, which weighs only 2.75 lbs. and has a short head length, is useful for overhead applications. This Bosch is without a doubt among the best cordless drills for electricians.



Number 3


While examining the available right angle drills, it’s simple to discover where manufacturers economized in order to save a few dollars. They did the exact opposite of offering convenience to assist make electricians’ jobs easier.

Thanks to its integrated LED lighting, the Milwaukee 2415-20 M12 cordless right angle drill doesn’t skimp on convenience when used by electricians. No more difficulty to see in shadowy areas!

100 inch-pounds of torque are provided by the 2415-20 M12 cordless 3/8-inch right angle drill driver in a small, lightweight package. The 2415-20 is the most adaptable right angle drill/driver in the market since it was the first sub-compact right angle drill driver with a spindle lock chuck.

With to features like its Innovative Electronic Clutch, which offers 11 speed options and up to 100 in-lbs. of torque, this drill’s power features stand out in the industry. Moreover, there is a drill mode for total control in applications involving fastening.



Number 4


Dewalt has become one of the most well-known brands in the production of power tools, and the Dewalt DCD991P2 20-volt is a very well-made, robust, and durable cordless drill. It is quite adaptable and fairly powerful for most of general-purpose tasks.

This set includes two 20V MAX* 5.0Ah lithium ion batteries, a charger, and a sturdy case in addition to a high-power cordless drill/driver. This cordless drill comes with a battery and charger and features a 1/2-inch ratcheting nitro-carburized metal chuck for the best bit grip strength and much more.

It is small, lightweight, and has an anti-slip feature to keep it from slipping out of your hands while using it in tight situations. Despite the fact that a battery and charger are not included, it is still one of the best cordless drill for electricians because of its functionality and adaptability.



Number 5


The Porter-Cable special drill kit for electricians is what you need most whenever a job demands for a corded drill. I suggest this model as the best corded drill for electricians as its lightweight, portable, and deliver good value for the money.

It performs superbly in terms of quality! I strongly recommend this corded drill as one of the best drills for electricians because of its strong motor, 2500 RPM rotating speed, 6.5 Amps, keyless 3/8′′ chuck, 10 mm maximum chuck size, lock-on button, belt clip, and other incredible features.

Due to their special features, which include a keyless chuck, a lock button, a three-year guarantee with one year of free servicing, an LED light, and affordability, they almost qualify as a five-star tool. This drill will come in handy for any domestic or building-related tasks.



Number 6


For effective drilling, driving, and fastening, the Makita 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 3/8″ Driver-Drill Set offers power and speed in an incredibly small package. Users benefit from better balance and ergonomics with Makita 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion slide-style batteries compared to pod-style batteries.

A premium cordless drill with a strong punch is the Makita FD07R1. a fantastic option for heavy-duty work that can also handle lighter-duty duties due to its versatility. It’s a powerful drill that has a handy 3/8′′ keyless chuck which makes it simple to change drill bits quickly.

It’s the perfect option for users looking for a lighter, smaller driver-drill for applications in tight areas. It only uses 2.0 Ah batteries as basic, but you can buy 4.0 Ah batteries separately that are compatible to give it even longer battery life. This is the one significant negative.



Number 7


One lightweight and compact option for drilling and driving is the Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless Hammer Driver-Drill.

The Makita XPH11RB is a very cost-effective 18V cordless drill that can be used by both beginner and expert electricians. Everything you need to complete the job as a professional is included in this kit.

Also, it contains two LED lights that illuminate the work area and make it easy to use this drill in small, dim areas. Less than 7 inches in length, this drill is ergonomically designed to be portable. It provides excellent balance, maneuverability, and versatility with two power settings.



Number 8


This right angle drill has a Powerstate brushless motor that, even under a heavy load, provides excellent drilling force without using up a lot of battery power. You’ll never want to use a power tool without a brushless motor, in my opinion.

Secondly, in terms of durability, this Milwaukee right angle drill features a brushless motor that is renowned for lowering battery usage and critically praising the tool’s drilling power because of its ground-breaking technology.

For right angle drills, the battery is a game-changer as well. In fact, if the electrician depends on the tool being powered by this technology, low-quality batteries run out more quickly, this might be a problem.



Number 9


For light and medium-duty jobs, the Black+Decker LDX220C cordless drill is excellent. You can use it both at home and in the workplace. It is quite powerful at dealing tough materials, with a 20V Li-Ion battery able to drive the motor to 650 RPM and 300inches/lbs torque.

Dark areas are illuminated by the built-in LED work light, which also keeps a charge for up to 18 months on the rechargeable 20V MAX* battery for extended usage. Also, it has an ergonomic design and is quite light.

With a 2-speed setting and an 11-position clutch, this cordless drill/driver gives you complete control over any drilling and driving project while assisting in avoiding stripping and overdriving screws. For both new and experienced electricians, one of the greatest cordless drill drivers.



What to Look for While Purchasing the Best Drill for Electrician?

No one is interested in putting their money into something without any benefit. Buyers always want the best at a fair price. Before buying a drill, electricians must consider these important factors:


While looking to purchase a drill, motor power should be your key focus. You can check the battery voltage to find out the tool’s power. The torque strength will be higher due to the high voltage.

A drill can operate at a maximum voltage of between 6 and 20 volts. I advise you to select a motor power ranging from 18 to 20 Volts to handle all types of duty tasks.

The Chuck

This is accurate; using a right-angle drill may sometimes be a nightmare due to the chucks. Also, the ⅜” chuck will make drilling much simpler. In essence, the chuck maintains the drill bit’s rotating motion.

In order to provide you more options with your cordless drill, aim for at least a ½” chuck. Larger chuck diameters can typically hold smaller electricians drill bits. You also have the choice of keyless, hexagonal, or hex chucks, all of which offer better performance.

Speed Control

You may adjust the work process for any electrical or drilling task by purchasing a right-angle drill, which will provide you access to an easy-to-use paddle switch and speed control.

In fact, speed control enhances accuracy drilling because low speed ensures good screwing processes, especially when drilling smooth materials like tiles. A slow speed is used to drill strong materials at a slower but more forceful pace, whereas a high gear is used for drilling quickly, typically with smaller bits.

The Gripping

For increased comfort, i advise an electrician to look for multi-grip triggers in the best drills. Several drill types offer high-quality, ergonomic grips made of materials.

Reaching those tight spaces is also easily done by the short (4 inch) front-to-back length. If anyone has wrist, elbow, shoulder, or arm issues, i suggest this design because it is more comfortable.

Brushed vs. brushless motors

Having a drill with a brushless motor has many advantages. A brushless motor will require less upkeep if you get one. Also, it will assist your drilling operation run more smoothly and quietly. You will pay significantly more for a brushless motor than a brushed one. So, it will rely on the spending limit you’ve set for your tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which electric drill has the most power?

Hence, when you discuss an electric drill, you refer to the most potent machines’ batteries. The reason for this is that the electric drill has a higher voltage, which equals greater power.

The strongest and most portable electric drill, however, is the Dewalt 20V cordless drill. It is the drill machine that is a lightweight machine and can complete the most difficult drill projects.

How are drills used by electricians?

For electricians, a drill with many uses and a reasonable price is typically preferred. Depending on the type of their task, the electricians take into consideration the drill machines. One is for light-duty work, such as home chores and do-it-yourself projects, and the other is for heavy-duty work.

They pick drill machines with the highest 18 Volt battery rating since they need to do light-duty drilling jobs. Therefore, when drilling heavy-duty holes, electricians naturally choose the drill machines with the highest 20-volt models.

What torque range is ideal for an electrician’s drill?

Regardless of whether a drill is corded or cordless, torque is the most important factor. You can choose high-speed hole drilling permanently if you can move at a torque of about 1500 RPM. It will also help you to make basic driving fasteners. Thus, a good torque requires at least 1500 RPM.

Are cordless drills preferable to corded ones?

The discussion over corded vs. cordless drills has continued for many years. There is nothing to cause confusion or controversy between these two categories. It’s because these two kinds of drills are beneficial for various attributes.

Usually, a cordless drill is appropriate for carrying to your job site or wherever you like. Yet, the corded drill is quite useful when you need to create the most power to handle challenging work. Hence, the importance of both types of drill machines will vary based on the type of drilling you need to do.

Are hammer drills used by electricians?

Obviously, skilled plumbers and electricians frequently use Tapcon or hammer drills to create pilot holes for masonry screws.

Rotary hammers are used for core drilling since they are much larger and frequently contain an SDS Plus or SDS Max chuck. The screws are great because they can be threaded into the hole without requiring an anchor.

My Final Thoughts

These selections are for electricians looking for the best drill machine brand and tool model. Really, it’s not just about recommending one tool over another. It concerns all the equipment that qualified electricians should bring along while undertaking any drilling project.

Without a doubt, the Best Drills for Electricians that I described are ideal for any soft or hard material drilling tasks. While buying high-quality drill sets, every electrician should, nevertheless, pay attention to the advice I’ve given.

Thereby, I have listed what would be the best solutions with superior efficiency, battery life, and performance, whether you require a corded, cordless, or right-angled drill set. In order to drill out any materials, make sure you have this equipment if you want to be a professional electrician.

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